June 2012: Oh yeah look at that

BONUS! Download High Green Sheffield Australia, a collection of 21 of the best bootlegs of this era + AMUS has joined forces with the Helders fam for yet another fun contest: Dumbass Cyclists + ArcticMonkeysWords wants us all to be sticker happy  

Also, listen to these: If You Were There, Beware instrumental (if you still haven’t) + San Cisco covers 505 + ACR cover by two lovely boys (this is for the laaaadies) 

May 2012: Time’s got it in for [us], honey

BONUS! Focus Creeps is FINALLY on Tumblr. Follow the blog because a) they’re wicked talented and b) it is a treasure trove of Arctic Monkeys never before seen photos + Jumping Alex the game. Need I say more? Waste your time jumping over tomatoes and catching a shitload of pink bras, Turner style.

April 2012: Remember when the boys were all electric?

(gif by: idontwantafavour-iwantamargarita)

BONUS! ArcticMonkeysUS’s March Madness is coming to a close and the battle is between 505 vs. ACR. Vote now. Make it count. + download this era’s best live performances + watch this Arctic Monkeys ‘home video’ and try not to weep.
March 2012: Of Big Gulps, Milk Duds, and magic tricks

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BONUS! What’s March without some madness? Monkeys style, of course. AMUS wants us to go crazy. We’re on round 2 of the voting. Join the fun.

More of Arctic Monkeys opening for The Black Keys at MSG, 12 March 2012. [photo: hportnof]
Also, here’s a list of things you might’ve missed if you have a life and are not stuck in front of a computer all day:
R U Mine’s bside is Electricity and will be released on 7” purple vinyl on RSD, 21 April 2012 — I do not have an advance copy of that track, fyi anons
The California 2011 shirt is now available at the official store, so get your hands on it ASAP
The L’Olympia gig is up on YouTube again. Yes, the full show. Rip that before it disappears
Let’s beat Coldplay, shall we? Need your votes for MTV’s Musical March Madness
I edited the Detroit post to accommodate the link to a bootleg download of the entire gig c/o AMUS of course and;
I’m still trying to cover the Black Keys/Arctic Monkeys tour. Trying is the operative word.

More of Arctic Monkeys opening for The Black Keys at MSG, 12 March 2012. [photo: hportnof]

Also, here’s a list of things you might’ve missed if you have a life and are not stuck in front of a computer all day:

February 2012: Get some fire up in this bitch

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  • February kickstarted with a week-long French tour where the boys showed just how much they love the French. Play Little Illusion Machine live for them? Check. Bring Miles Kane along? Check. And that was just the beginning.
  • Matt Helders updated his drum skin with a Drake-related acronym, HYFR (Hell Yeah Fucking Right), which was already fine, but Jill Helders a.k.a. the coolest mother of them all, knew how to steal the show. All I know is HYFR now stands for Helders You Fucking Rock. If you disagree with that, something’s wrong with you.
  • Oh yeah, we’re still in France so let’s talk about that gig. The band’s 100th gig for the SIAS era. Bonjour, Olympia. That webcast was pure gold. Some of us who weren’t lucky enough to be in Paris just had a drinking game and got wasted. But no matter, we were treated with an electric performance by Miles Fucking Kane, a Last Shadow Puppets reunion that everyone went nuts for, and the first and only live performance of You and I. With Richard Hawley. Bastards. Here’s the first 22 minutes of that memorable gig if you want to relive it.
  • Things got slow for a while there, but then, in true Monkeys fashion as of late, we got a massive surprise, in the middle of Oscar night at that—a song too good to have such a stupidly spelled title. R U Mine? just rolled in our lives like a 2012 Cadillac CTS-V. Rude, really. 
  • But what can I do? It’s badass. The song. That lyric"I go crazy cause here isn’t where I want to be and satisfaction feels like a distant memory". Add to that the video where Alex hogs the camera. Arielle. The unending “is Jamie the blonde girl in the video?” questions—no, he is not. Nick O’Malley’s good timing. And of course, Alex’s new flower tattoo
  • That wasn’t enough for a day, by the way, cause a few hours after, Triple J played the hour-long Falls Festival set from New Years’ Eve. And it was good. Matthew Helders is not just known as the Agile Beast, kids. He’s also the Rhythm Panther, as per Alex Turner. Here’s a download if you missed out.
  • What else, what else… oh yeah, the month ended with the boys winning an NME award for Best Live Band but losing the category for Best Fan Community. WTF.

And so we march on to, err, March which means… AM/Black Keys tour which also means… R U Mine. Live. Bring it. 

January 2012: How to kickstart the new year (and spoil your fans) Monkeys style

  • Begin by fucking up the New Year’s Eve countdown at Falls Festival then,
  • Take Australia by storm—play stellar shows with Little Illusion Machine and Evil Twin on the setlist, be completely ridiculous on stage, take shirts off with Miles Kane, et cetera. 
  • Operation mindfuck: release the video for Black Treacle. Get a 'what-the-fuck-did-I-just-watch' reaction among the majority of the community. Then, make them realize days later that it’s actually based on a bible story. Have AMUS’ HBIC carefully examine it. Blow everyone’s brains out. 
  • Decide to play Coachella in April; excite/stress those in the US, frustrate the rest of the world.
  • Be strange. Cover a Patsy Cline song on Triple J’s Like A Version + make everyone remember the glory that is the UK tour and have the entire Birmingham gig streamed on Q Radio.
  • Return to your roots and collaborate with Richard Hawley on You and I, a b-side bound to confuse Lady Gaga fans. Rev engines, smoke cigarettes and have wicked guitar solos, you know, stuff of rock ‘n’ roll.
  • Release a video for said b-side. Give Nick and Jamie some screen time, make it look like a grown-up version of Teddy Picker, drive around in fancy cars and motorbikes, have Richard Hawley in it. Sheffield is wonderful. 
  • That’s not enough, of course. So perform at Radio 1’s Live Lounge. Hide Alex in some closet and pretend he’s lost (fans will enjoy that story), do a Katy B cover then return to Jonathan Ross and let Alex have some sofa fun time with Kermit and Miss Piggy… cause the girls will love that. 
  • Receive 7 nominations at the NME Awards, including best album art proving either minimalist is the new maximalist or NME smokes the good stuff and;
  • Jet off to Spain and show everyone a good time both in Madrid and Barcelona before commencing the week-long French tour in Paris. Never give anyone, especially that girl who runs FYAM, a break.
November 2011: Yes, we’re doing this ‘best of’ thing again

Bonus stuff: You shared your top 10 AM songs, songs that make you bawl like a baby & more stories (with one odd tale about Library Pictures & peeing) + AMUS started yet another hashtag trend (#ThingsThatMakeAlexTurnerCry) + FNAM presents: Let’s Point Back 2011 (which needs to happen, do you hear me Australia?)

Bonus bonus stuff! FYAM reached 10K followers & AMUS became the fan forum of all fan forums. If this blog has any influence on any of you, join the forum. Meet wank friends and get to download all of these. Oooh.

October 2011: All the good stuff

Bonus goodies: AMUS pumpkin carving contest showed how creative AM fans are + FYAM parent related AM stories introduced us to some cool as fuck parents + Space Monkey’s artwork continued to blow us all away + Blake, the corncob - I mean, come on, that’s the best part. // 

Happy Halloween! Onward to November x

A round-up of things