11 Arctic Monkeys moments of 2011
{ FYAM’s favorite moments of the year }

#09: The constant homage to the Death Ramps

It started with that bloody pinky ring. I remember a lot of us poking fun at Alex for wearing that thing. We didn’t know what it was yet, it was just a constant accessory along with the leather jacket and the cigarette dangling on his lips. And then the Q interview happened and alas, the mystery of the ring was a mystery no more—we found out that it is a ‘silver, gold and ruby goth-metal corker’ tribute to their childhood play area. A tribute, yes, although a rather tacky one at that.

Still, that did me in. Every time these boys go nostalgic on us and put out reminders of where they’re from, of anything in relation to Sheffield or their childhood, I get so silly emotional and love them even more. Just when you thought they’re changing and becoming these full-fledged “rock stars”, they surprise you. These boys know when to look back. Or maybe not. Whatever. I’m choosing to look at this as them looking back.

And if that ring wasn’t enough, they had to put a nice little touch in the Suck It And See video and use their pseudonym in not just one b-side (hello Little Illusion Machine) but two— the upcoming b-side with Richard Hawley, You And I, will be published under the Death Ramps name, too.

don't wanna sound like a bad fan, but how did the whole "death ramps" thing start? What was it, originally?

Before it became their pseudonym? Hmm.. I hope this answers your question.

B-side to the upcoming single, The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala.